Ayurvedic treatment on dysentry, constipation, piles, worms, etc.

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Ayurvedic treatment on dysentry, constipation
This Holy text provides information on understanding the digestive system as per Ayurveda.
In every household, the ailments associated with the digestive system appear some or the other time with some member. At such times, these ailments can be controlled through household medicines and dietary restrictions. In fact, on the ailments associated with the digestive system, only Ayurveda has expressed better treatments than modern medicine. Ayurveda says, ‘Fire actually dwells in the Pitta. If this fire becomes flawed, it leads to the development of ailments and if it is in good condition, it helps maintain good health.’ According to Ayurveda, body resistance depends on the digestive power. This Holy text explains in detail about various Ayurveda treatments.
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No of pages 108
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Compilers Doctor & Vaidyacharya, Sadguru Vasant Balaji Athavale M.D. (Paediatrics), D.C.H., F.A.M.S., Dr Kamlesh Vasant Athavale M.D. (Paediatrics), D.N.B., M.N.A.M.S; F.A.A.P. (Paediatrics & Neonatology, USA)
Year of publication 2019
Binding Paperback
ISBN 978-93-89098-12-9
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