Introduction to Karmayoga

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Introduction to Karmayoga

Karmayoga teaches us to leave the cycle of birth and death by means of appropriate action (Karma).

The word ‘Karmayoga’ (Path of  Action) conjures images of those giving alms to beggars, setting up educational institutions and those engaged in social service. However, in most cases, since these activities are at an emotional level or for the sake of publicity, it does not constitute Karmayoga in the real sense of the word. Then, what exactly is Karmayoga?

Karmayoga is performing karma (an act or action which gives rise to destiny) which will result in spiritual growth and ultimately God-realisation. Even if the karma were to be worldly, performing it in a way that no new subconscious impression is created in the subconscious mind and thereby getting freed from the bondage of impressions forever is the objective of Karmayoga.

This Holy text provides basic information on Karmayoga and the essence of spiritual practice according to this Path.

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