Methods of casting off the evil-eye (Part 1)

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Methods of casting off the evil-eye (Part 1)
Though, it would appear that 80% of our problems are due to gross reasons, the actual reason is subtle, meaning distress due to negative energies. Distress due to the negative energies is also a type of affliction by evil-eye. If we want to free our life of difficulties and make it blissful, then adopting this simple homely spiritual remedy of ‘casting off the evil-eye’ will be beneficial.
Today, anything that is explained scientifically is easily believed. Hence, in this Holy text various aspects such as the process of affliction by evil-eye, its implications, methods of casting off the evil-eye by using various substances, easy ways to cast off the effect of evil-eye on a child, precautions that need to be taken while performing this remedy etc. are elaborated taking care to supplement the knowledge with relevant ‘Analysis based on subtle-knowledge’ & ‘Drawings based on subtle-knowledge’ for easier understanding of the points, which otherwise cannot be understood by the reader through the gross intellect.
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No of pages 88
Height 21cm
Width 14cm
Depth 0.50cm
Compilers Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athvale, H.H. (Mrs) Anjali Gadgil
Year of publication 2015
Binding Paperback
ISBN 978-93-85575-96-9
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