Importance of Shrāddha & its underlying science

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Importance of Shrāddha & its underlying science
Where do our loved ones go after death? Are they helping us from the afterlife? These are common questions about our departed loved ones. This book explains how our ancestors are often in need of our help in the afterlife due to lacking spiritual energy. It also describes a potent ritual, Shraddha, which provides much needed spiritual energy to our ancestors so they can be happy in the afterlife.
The objective of this Holy text is to eliminate the veil of ignorance and blind-faith of the people and to change their thinking so that they develop a positive and spiritual perspective towards sacred shrāddha rites prescribed by Hindu Dharma. The shrāddha rites provide us with an excellent opportunity to fulfil our duties and repay our debts unto the pitars (ancestors). The shrāddha rites are necessary so that the journey of our parents (after death), who have cared for us so much during our childhood, becomes comfortable and without any distress, and they acquire sadgati (Momentum for moving to the next higher region. By performing shrāddha, we get relieved from the distress caused by the pitars, and our life on earth becomes comfortable. This Holy text also clarifies common doubts such as how do the ancestors gain further momentum due to shrāddha, how does the food offered to the Brāhmaṇs actually reach them, what is the science underlying a crow pecking at the pinḍa (Rice balls used during shrāddha) etc
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No of pages 128
Height 21cm
Width 14cm
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Compilers H.H. Sandeep Gajanan Alshi, Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athvale
Year of publication 2016
Binding Paperback
ISBN 978-93-5257-074-4
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