Science underlying conducts before bathing

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Science underlying conducts before bathing
This Holy text provides detail information on correct ways of implementing daily conducts related to daily routines before bathing and its benefits from a spiritual perspective.
The daily routines earlier were consistent with the laws of nature, while today they are not. The more the lifestyle is consistent with nature, the more conducive it is for a healthier life. The human lifestyle today works against the laws of nature, that is why man today has fallen prey to various disorders of the digestive tract, throat, heart etc. This Holy text elaborates on the correct ways of implementing Āchārdharma (Code of righteous Conduct) related to the daily routines before bathing from the perspective of nature and Spirituality, and their scientific analysis at a subtle level.
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No of pages 92
Height 21cm
Width 14cm
Depth 0.5cm
Compilers Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athvale, Sadguru (Mrs) Anjali Mukul Gadgil
Year of publication 2017
Binding Paperback
ISBN 978-93-84461-34-8
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