Chant remedies as per the ailments

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Chant remedies as per the ailments
This Holy text provides a specific chant remedy for a specific ailment.
Since the human body is made up of Panchamahābhūta or Panchatattva (The five Cosmic Principles - Pruthvī, Āpa, Tēj, Vāyu, and Ākāsh), the ailments associated with the body are also associated with the Panchatattva. The Deities function at the saguṇ (Materialised) and the nirguṇ (Non-materialised) levels. While performing the mission at the nirguṇ level, the Deities transcend the Panchatattva; whereas, during their mission at the saguṇ level they encompass Panchatattva. Hence, every Deity encompasses Panchatattva. Therefore, every Deity has the power to cure all the ailments associated with Panchatattva. Yet, the reason for prescribing a particular Deity’s chant for curing a particular ailment is that a Deity that has a greater proportion of a particular Principle among the Panchatattva can cure the ailment associated with that Principle quickly than other Deities.
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Compilers Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Balaji Athavale, H.H. Sandeep Gajanan Alshi
Year of publication 2019
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ISBN 978-93-89098-08-2
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