Conquer your cancer

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Conquer your cancer

The effectiveness of treatments for cancer vary depending on its severity. Additionally, treatments are often toxic and cause unpleasant side effects such as nausea, weakness, hair loss and more. Ayurveda has described cancer as a disease in detail and has prescribed holistic treatments for it. Complementing allopathic treatment with Ayurvedic treatment helps the patient to have a better quality of life, recover faster and face less side effects.

Note: Old copy/edition

Ayurveda has classified diseases into shodhanatmak, pachanatmak and sanchayatmak depending on the natural tendency of doshas. Diseases like cancer, enlarged glands, tumours are included under sanchayatmaka diseases. The word sanchaya means accumulation. These diseases are characterised by natural tendency for accumulation of doshas which stimulate the growth and reproduction of cells of a particular organ or gland.

In this book the Ayurvedic concepts and treatment of cancer, tumours, enlarged glands and ulcers is given. This book will be useful to doctors, vaidyas, medical students, patients suffering from these diseases and their relatives.

We pray to Lord Shiva to restore the health of these patients and bestow upon them a long, healthy and happy life.

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