Diagnosis through pulse examination

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(Nadi Pareeksha)
This text explores the science behind one of the most important diagnostic tool relied on by all systems of medicine – Pulse examination.
There is immense amount of knowledge in ancient Indian texts of Ayurveda which delves into the science of Pulse Examination or ‘Naadi Pareeksha’. The three pillars on which the Ayurvedic literature of pulse examination is built is on the condition of the vessel wall, flow of blood and impulse. The study of these 3 factors determines the characteristics of the blood and the general physical health of the individual. A great level of complexity and magnitude of information can be gained simply by studying the pulse and this book presents this in a concise and systematic approach quoting the original Sanskrit Shlokas of Ayurveda from which it is derived. This is an extremely useful text for all medical practitioners, cardiologists and physicians practicing any system of medicine.
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No of pages 96
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Width 14cm
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Compilers Doctor & Vaidyacharya H. H. Vasant B Athavale M.D., D.C.H., F.A.M.S.
Year of publication 2014
Binding Paperback
ISBN 978-93-83236-76-3
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