Evolution of disease in Ayurveda

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Evolution of disease in Ayurveda
This book describes the basic principles of pathogenesis which will help the reader to understand the origin and development of a disease or any symptom of a disease.
This book delineates the importance of understanding the evolution or development of disease (pathogenesis) as per Ayurveda. It emphasises that the imbalance at the molecular level is the root cause of any disease. Unless a physician diagnoses the evolution of the diseases, he cannot treat the patient appropriately; that is, he merely suppresses the symptoms but is unable to cure the disease. It also defines in details detail the various stages of evolution of disease starting from the imbalance of the humors of the body, their dissemination, manifestation of the disease and finally full-fledged development of the disease. Despite modern research, Ayurveda gives us the fundamental understanding and helps alleviate the very root of any disease. Hence this book is a good read not only for Ayurvedic physicians, but also for students, teachers and research workers of modern medicine too.
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No of pages 148
Height 21cm
Width 14cm
Depth 1cm
Compilers Dr. Vasant B Athavale
Year of publication 2011
Binding Paperback
ISBN 978-93-81746-27-1
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