Fever in Ayurveda

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Fever in Ayurveda
Ayurveda has described fever as being the king of all diseases and so has studied it in-depth. This is why it offers solutions that modern medicine cannot match.
Ayurveda has studied fever in detail and has described it as being the king of diseases. Ayurveda treats the patient during the incubation period of the fever, which is the period between the entry of the germs or toxins and the actual manifestation of the fever. Modern medicine does not offer any treatment in the incubation period. Ayurveda has described the symptoms in each of the four stages of the incubation period and has suggested how to treat the patient in each stage. Tonics are suggested to maintain the strength of the affected organ. A diet too is suggested to subdue the fever. In addition, Ayurveda has also described the psychological causes of fever e.g.: anger, fear, burning sex desire and their treatment. If the patient is treated in the initial stage with appropriate medicines, the disease is likely to take a milder course and the patient can be cured without any complications.
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No of pages 104
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Compilers Dr. Vasant B Athavale
Year of publication 2011
Binding Paperback
ISBN 978-93-81746-21-9
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