How to identify obstructions in the Prāṇashakti (Chētanā) flow system for curing ailments ?

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How to identify obstructions in the Prāṇashakti flow system
This Holy text provides how to find obstructions in the Pranshakti flow system to cure ailments.
‘The Prāṇashakti (Chētanā) flow system comprises the Prāṇamaya-kosha (vital energy sheath) and the Kunḍalinīchakrās. The Prāṇamaya-kosha comprises the Panchaprāṇa (Five vital energies), Pancha-upaprāṇa (Five sub-vital energies) and the five motor-organs. This kosha or sheath is Raja-predominant and is in gaseous form. Various systems such as circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system etc., function in the human body. The energy required for the functioning of these systems, as well as the mind, is provided by the Prāṇashakti flow system. Whenever there are obstructions in the flow of Prāṇashakti, the ability of the associated organ to function, reduces and leads to an ailment of that organ. At such times any amount of medicines from different types of treatment, such as Āyurvēda, Allopathy will not help much. The only remedy is to eliminate the obstruction or blocks in the Prāṇashakti flow system. Prāṇashakti is discharged through the finger tips. Using this energy to cure our ailments, is the essence of this therapy. The spiritual analysis on how to find these obstructions as well as the mudrā, nyās and associated chant for spiritual remedies at the spots of obstructions is provided in this Text.
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