Individual spiritual practice and spiritual practice of spreading spirituality

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Individual spiritual practice and spreading spirituality
This book emphasises the importance of performing individual spiritual practice (Vyashti sadhana) along with efforts for spiritual progress of the society termed as samashti sadhana; which brings about fastest spiritual progress.
The efforts which we do to go towards God everyday constitute our daily sadhana or spiritual practice. For most of us it is limited to our own understanding of spiritual practice as we are unaware of appropriate spiritual practice for the current era or Kaliyug. Additionally lack of guidance and being oblivious to our duty towards Nation and Dharma has resulted in the current sordid state of affairs. This book elucidates the need to perform individual spiritual practice (Vyashti sadhana) along with spiritual practice to spiritually uplift the society (Samashti sadhana). Under vyashti sadhana, this book elaborates steps about chanting God’s Name, service unto God, sacrifice, spiritual cleansing, importance of prayers and expressing gratitude. In samashti sadhana how protection of the Nation and Dharma are important steps in God-realisation has been explained. In a seeker’s spiritual journey, vyashti sadhana has 30 % importance while samashti sadhana has 70% importance.
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No of pages 100
Height 21cm
Width 14cm
Depth 0.5cm
Compilers Other Seekers, Mr. Ram Padmakar Honap, Mrs. Prarthana Datta Buva, Pūjya Charudatta Prabhakar Pingale
Year of publication 2012
Binding Paperback
ISBN 978-93-81746-84-4
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