Merits-demerits : Types and effects

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Merits-demerits : Types and effects
Life is full of karma. Consequence of karma is inevitable. The consequence of a virtuous karma is merit, which in turn brings happiness; whereas, consequence of a bad karma is demerit, which in turn brings sorrow. This Holy text describes what are merits, demerits their types and effects.
This Holy text provides valuable guidance on various reasons for incurring and not incurring demerits, atonement karmās, importance of increasing merits and karmās that generate merit. To be able to stay in a state of Sat-Chit-Ānand by crossing over the bondage of joy-sorrow generated from demerit-merit-oriented karmās, karma has to be such that it does not generate any consequence. This Holy text also discusses in detail what should be done to avoid the effects of karma.
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No of pages 76
Height 21cm
Width 14cm
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Compilers Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athvale, H.H. Sandeep Alshi
Year of publication 2015
Binding Paperback
ISBN 978-93-85575-13-6
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