Science underlying Religious festivals & vowed observances

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Science underlying Religious festivals & vowed observances
Are you having problems in life that are not going away despite your best efforts? In addition to performing spiritual practice, undertaking vowed religious observances is one way to overcome these problems. These observances can resolve the spiritual root cause of problems. Undertaking these observances and celebrating festivals in a spiritually correct way benefits the individual and society.
The celebration of festivals helps in improving social behaviour and strengthens the fabric of social unity. While this is happening, it is very essential to see whether the society is benefitting from these festivals at the spiritual level or not, since this is the principal objective of the celebrations. It is our duty to understand the science in Dharma so as to change the distortions that have crept in today in festivals, and to celebrate these as is correct. From this perspective, the method of celebrating various festivals is mentioned in this Holy text. The Hindu Dharma prescribes certain Vowed religious observances for a peaceful and happy life of individuals. Since the resolve of Sages is behind these observances, those who observe these faithfully receive the fruit according to their wishes.
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Compilers Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athvale, H.H. Sandeep Alshi
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