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Healing and survival techniques for the upcoming adverse times 

Does it seem like things keep getting worse ? With a global pandemic and socio-political unrest on the rise, it is hard not to wonder what is going on. Spiritually evolved Saints have predicted that the world is on course to undergo an adverse period. It is important to be prepared for this upcoming time period at all levels, meaning the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. SSRF is making a special offer available to increase the awareness about the upcoming adverse times so as to make everyone more self-reliant in practicing survival techniques that help to prepare and protect oneself at all levels.

This special offer includes 3 books on survival and healing techniques beneficial at a physical, psychological and spiritual level for the upcoming adverse times. A free pack of Sandalwood Sticks (Dhoop) is included.

Many Saints have predicted that adverse times lay ahead, which will lead to an unprecedented loss of the world’s population. Every day, we hear about fresh stories of violence or disasters. Some people are even considering that this is a forewarning of World War III.

Up until now, many of us may not have witnessed such difficulties first-hand, but there will come a time when the crisis comes to our doorstep. At that time, people will have to struggle to survive. Being prepared at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels is key to facing an event of such magnitude.

In this special offer, SSRF includes 3 books on survival and healing techniques that will help in preparing oneself at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels for the upcoming adverse times. A free pack of Sandalwood Sticks (Dhoop) is also included :

  • Daily efforts required to survive during the adverse times: The coronavirus pandemic and the socio-political unrest we are currently witnessing are only a prelude to the intensity of the adverse times that are to come. Everything including basic commodities will be scarce not only in the coming years but for many years after. Considering the severity of the situation, we cannot afford to ignore these predictions, both for our own sake and for our loved ones as well. This book briefly outlines what is to come during the upcoming adverse times and how to prepare at the physical level. This includes preparations for daily requirements such as food, water, electricity, etc.
  • Psychological & spiritual efforts required to bear the adverse times: Around the world, everyone has been impacted while dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. If this were not bad enough, people are experiencing a more negative mental state in the form of increased fear, anger and depression. Many will need to seriously increase their physical, psychological and spiritual capacities to face the adverse times ahead. This book provides details on how one can prepare for the adverse times at the psychological, familial, financial and spiritual levels. It further explains why performing spiritual practice is of utmost importance to increase spiritual capacity to attract God’s grace and to seek Divine protection, which is a far greater type of protection than physical or psychological protection.
  • Chakra Energy Healing System: There is increasing awareness worldwide that the absence of disease does not necessarily equate to wellness. Healing is defined as the process of restoring health to an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism. One such holistic healing system is the Chakra Energy system, which is based on the principle that various components of the body work together to provide subtle-energy for the functioning of the bodily organs, mind and intellect. This book highlights various physical, psychological as well as spiritual healing treatments which will be helpful to a wide range of readers to learn and practice the Chakra healing process of re-alignment and re-distribution of spiritual energy to overcome any imbalances in the Chakra energy system, especially during adverse times when doctors, medicines, etc. will not be available.
  • Free Sandalwood Sticks (Dhoop): Recommended for spiritual healing – imparts positive energy, fights negative energies and spiritually purifies the environment.
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