Spiritual science underlying worship of Deity Shiva

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Spiritual science underlying worship of Deity Shiva

Each Deity represents a Universal cosmic principle. Worshiping a Deity as per the spiritual science results in that Deity’s principle being attracted in a greater proportion. This in turn benefits the worshiper. The various steps to be taken when worshiping Deity Shiva have been described in detail in this book. The spiritual science is also explained so that one understands why each step is recommended. 

Each Deity is worshipped in a specific manner, meaning, there is an underlying science in each step of the worship in a specific manner. Performing each step of the worship in the correct manner by understanding the science helps the worshipper obtain maximum benefits. With this perspective,

various steps such as how should a worshipper apply bhasma before worshipping Deity Shiva, which pattern of rangolī should be drawn in front of Deity Shiva, which flowers should be offered to Him and in what numbers, which incense-stick should be waved around Him, which fragrance should be offered to Him etc. have been elucidated in this Holy text.

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