Spiritually beneficial clothes for men

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Spiritually beneficial clothes for men
An individual is influenced by his/her attire. By following the path of Spirituality and acquiring a sāttvik attitude through the clothes that he chooses to wear, he is able to imbibe sāttviktā and be protected by attacks by negative energies. This Holy Text narrates the importance of the traditional attire of the Hindus from a spiritual viewpoint.
Hindus have given up their traditional attire like dhoti-kurta, and have accepted Western attire unhesitatingly. Hindus have lost pride in their culture and have forgotten its importance. This Holy Text narrates the importance of the Hindu’s traditional attire from a spiritual viewpoint. While selecting the various kinds of clothing Hindu culture has not just laid superficial emphasis on good looks and ease in donning attire; but also gives profound thought to enhancing the sāttviktā of an individual wearing the clothes, protecting him from negative energies, increasing his ability to imbibe Divine Chaitanya and assisting him in his efforts for God-realisation. Contrary to this, in Western culture which is Raja-Tama predominant, the attires invite attacks from negative energies due to the generation of distressing vibrations from clothing like jeans, T shirts, coats, ties, shirts, pants, etc. This Holy Text explains the spiritual damage caused by Western attire and the spiritual benefits of various Hindu attires, through the analysis in this text as well as through subtle-analysis carried out by the seekers, subtle-pictures drawn by seekers and spiritual experiences of seekers.
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No of pages 100
Height 21cm
Width 14cm
Depth 1cm
Compilers H. H. Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale, H.H. Mrs. Anjali M. Gadgil
Year of publication 2012
Binding Paperback
ISBN 978-93-81746-92-9
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